Virtual Route Viewer featured in Presagis April Newsletter

We are delighted that Presagis have chosen to feature the Virtual Route Viewer (VRV), developed by Agility3 in partnership with Specialist Project Integration, in their monthly newsletter.

Click the image below to view the full article.

Built upon the Presagis Vega Prime visualisation toolkit, the VRV enables users to visualise and navigate highly accurate 3D virtual railway track networks.

The VRV:

  • Allows stakeholders to visualise and compare alternative development schemes
  • Improves stakeholder engagement and confidence
  • Leads to better communication during briefings
  • Improves safety by reducing the need for site visits
  • Supports driver route learning
  • Results in better, quicker and cheaper decision making

For more information on the Virtual Route Viewer please contact Agility3 on 01438 488066 or email

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