We work with our clients to provide bespoke integrated solutions to meet a particular identified need.

Solutions include:

  • Operator training simulations – learn and stay current using simulated equipment. Simulate situations that cannot be easily replicated in real life;
  • Interactive Maintenance Trainer – Familiarise with equipment and systems, learn to recognise, diagnose and repair faulty components following the real maintenance procedure.
  • Familiarisation trainer – familiarise with your new environment and learn your way around before you are in post;
  • Integration testbeds – de-risk integration by testing your latest release in a virtual environment;
  • Vehicle simulation – learn to operate vehicles in a safe simulated environment;
  • CCTV simulation – keep your operators sharp and on top of process using the CCTV simulation;
  • Architectural walkthroughs – save costs later on and get buy-in from stakeholders by presenting the finished project in a virtual environment.

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“There are COTS simulation products out there that can meet just about any requirement. Our capability is to be able to pick the right ones and make them work together in the right way to meet your requirement.” – David Turner, Business Director, Agility3.