3D Visualisation and Image Generation

Our visual simulation applications allow you to represent your simulated scene with the detail and accuracy you need.Built upon industry standard commercial image generation software, Agility3 can rapidly produce applications that present the visual information you need to present in the way you need to present it. Our visual simulation applications are scaleable, high performance and can support various formats of terrain database and synthetic environment including paged terrains covering vast areas that are loaded into memory as needed.

With the ability to integrate a range of add-on modules our visualisation applications can include various features such as DIS and HLA integration, highly detailed trees that can sway in the wind, realistic representation of sea states, lifelike human characters and realistic weather effects.

Computer Generated forces and AI Computer Generated Forces (CGF) Integration, Artificial Intelligence and Scenario Development

With extensive experience using Presagis Stage and MÄK VR-Forces we can develop custom CGF applications to meet your specific needs.

We can integrate the CGF application into your wider simulation and we can develop realistic scenarios to bring your training to life.

Vehicle, Equipment and System Modelling

At Agility3 we have many years of experience simulating the behaviour of vehicles, equipment and complex systems. Whether it is to support operator training, maintainer training or simulating equipment to support design and development we can help you achieve your goals.Our behavioural models are designed and developed to replicate the functionality needed to realise your goals. Fault symptoms can be accurately represented to support maintenance training and fault diagnosis. For operator training, complex component behaviours can be faithfully replicated.


Generator modelling
Sensor Simulation

Using the best commercial toolsets around we can develop realistic representations of sensors including accurate Infra Red, Radar and Night Vision sensors.

Simulation Integration using DIS and HLA

Need to get interoperability between several simulations? We can integrate your simulations to connect to a shared scenario using DIS or HLA.

Integration and Test Harness Development and Testing Support

In todays era of hugely complex, software driven, modular equipment de-risking the integration phase is key to success. By simulating the interfaces and functionality within each component, equipment can be integration tested as it is developed, reducing risk and cost.If you need a test harness to connect to your real or simulated components and enable them to be tested prior to integration, we can help you.


At Agility3 we have experience working with a range of Commercial simulation tools and are always seeking to grow our capability with new tools. In particular we have capability using:

Presagis: Vega Prime, Sensor products, STAGE Computer Generated Forces, Sim OneNet, DIS/HLA, AI Implant;
Unity Technologies: Unity 3D;
Bohemia Interactive: VBS2;
IDV-Inc: Speedtree;
Boston Dynamics: DI-Guy;
MÄK: VR Forces, VR-Link, MÄK RTI, Data Logger;

Plus a variety of other commercial toolsets and applications. Please contact us to find out more about our simulation development services and how we can help you realise your goals for simulation.