Simulation & Visualisation

Our in-house team of simulation and software development experts specialise in the development of bespoke interactive 3D applications to help our clients to:

  • Visualise complex data;
  • Communicate concepts and achieve a shared vision;
  • Engage students and improve training effectiveness;
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement and communication;
  • Collaborate more effectively during the design process;
  • Compare and review designs and gain more valuable feedback;
  • Manage project risk;
  • Make better and more timely engineering decisions;
  • and more…

We take a collaborative, incremental and agile approach to development and our applications are designed to be scalable and maintainable. Our experienced team of developers are experts in using commercially available tools and standards such as those shown below, including the latest gaming technologies, to efficiently and effectively develop tools and applications that meet and exceed our clients requirements.


If you are looking to enhance your training capabilities, make sense of complex data, improve stakeholder engagement, make better design or engineering decisions, manage risk on a construction project or market complex designs or concepts then we can create you a bespoke application that enables you achieve your goals in an interactive, intuitive, user-friendly way. We have a collaborative approach and we design and develop our interactive 3D applications with the end user experience in mind to ensure that the final delivered product delivers maximum value. We have a broad capability and we develop Interactive 3D Applications to support our clients in a variety of areas as shown below.