About Us

At Agility3 we are passionate about modelling and simulation. We use the latest commercially available tools and technologies to create highly realistic simulation content and deliver simulation solutions that exceed the expectation of our clients. For defence work we all hold SC Security Clearance. Let’s meet the core team…

David Turner – Business Director


Since my first ever involvement in simulation projects during my studies at London’s Imperial College back in the ’90s I have been fascinated by modelling and simulation. I love the process of understanding a complex system and representing it in software to predict outcomes or to provide learning.

Of course technology makes the work interesting and recent improvements in computing technology have opened up endless opportunities for affordable and innovative simulation applications. However it is essential to keep sight of the bigger picture when designing a simulation. It is vital that technology isn’t allowed to lead solutions – solutions must always be led by the needs of the user and the best solution isn’t necessarily the one built using the latest technology. The place of technology is to facilitate the solution, not dictate it. To this end, relationships become the most important thing. In my role at Agility3 I maintain the philosophy that a complete understanding of a client and their need must be at the forefront when designing a solution or planning a project for them.

Before starting Agility3 with Andrew and Mic in 2012, I spent 16 years at Selex Systems Integration where I had the opportunity to be involved in and to manage a number of complex and innovative simulation programmes. There is something incredibly rewarding about getting to know a client over a long period of time, understanding what they need from a project, seeing the solution develop and ultimately providing a solution that adds real value and benefit to their operations. That, for me, is real job satisfaction.

As a motor racing fan I also welcome the opportunity simulation offers to race on the world’s greatest motor racing circuits from the comfort of my own living room. One lesson I have taken away from this is that a career in motor racing is probably not for me!


Mic Ledger – Director, Visualisation Development



Andrew Maguire – Director, Software Solutions


I believe that the simulation industry is in the midst of a revolution of kinds. The affordability and quality of the technology available off-the-shelf, both hardware and software, is pushing modelling and simulation to a whole new level. The use of state of the art gaming technology, tools and techniques is quickly becoming the norm across the simulation community. This convergence between the games industry and the simulation industry, in my mind, is set to continue and accelerate. This prospect excites me as a software engineer, a simulation expert, and as a gamer alike!

In my role as Director of Software Solutions my main goal is to keep Agility3 operating at the cutting edge of technology. I aim to keep my modelling and simulation knowledge and experience as current as possible and am always looking for new software that can be applied to the work that we do. Fundamental in the Agility3 approach is making use of commercially available software wherever we can, tailoring it to ours and our customer’s advantage. I am very focussed upon reducing the cost to our clients through reusing the quality inherent in many commercial software products whilst also adding value by customising the software to our clients’ individual needs.

My background follows a fairly standard path. I graduated from Keele University with a dual honours degree in Physics and Mathematics. My passion for maths and the sciences still today fuels my interest in modelling and simulation. I went on to study for a Masters degree in Software Engineering which provided me with the basic tools that I needed to design and build simulation software. My 13 years at Vega Group PLC, which later became Selex Systems Integration, taught me all the skills I required to become a well-rounded software engineer. The natural next step was to start Agility3 with David and Mic to build upon our combined expertise and offer our capability directly to market.

I am very excited about the work we are currently doing with our Interactive Maintenance Trainer. Our aim is to bring the latest gaming technology into the classroom. By taking standard off-the-shelf gaming products and engineering them into a training tool we have created a product that we feel is novel, immersive, and engaging for both students and instructors. We fully plan to foster the reuse of gaming technology in our software solutions and so keep up with the inevitable advances in quality that it will bring.


What we do

A vast wealth of experience has been gained by David, Mic, and Andrew from many years working in the modelling and simulation industry. Frequently pushing the boundaries of what COTS software can provide, the Agility3 team have been faced with many difficult problems to solve. The result of finding innovative solutions has often led to the delivery of products that exceed the expectations of the customer. This wealth of experience represents huge value to any customer. Through our projects, the Agility3 team have experience of successfully:

  • working with customers to define and scope solutions;
  • developing a range of simulation applications with a range of COTS tools;
  • integrating a variety of COTS components;
  • developing high detail, high fidelity large area terrain databases and 3D models;
  • developing innovative processes and techniques to enhance visual quality, and to increase development efficiency and productivity;
  • working through the complexities of developing simulations, troubleshooting and resolving complex technical issues;
  • managing change – both customer initiated, and internally initiated;
  • delivering simulation solutions to happy customers.


Why we do it

We do what we do because we all share a love for modelling and simulation and take an immense amount of satisfaction from using our skills and knowledge to help companies provide better learning, reduce programme risk and ultimately achieve their company goals. Our goal is to be a valued, respected and trusted provider of modelling and simulation related development services based around the expert use and application of Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) tools and open standards. We aim to add value to our client’s business through the application of our unique expertise in the development and integration of modelling and simulation applications and content.

If you would like to find out more about us and how we can help you, please get in touch and we would be happy to help.